The Rotary Club of Reston awarded a $3,000 scholarship to Loubna Faroun a high school senior from South Lakes High School
This scholarship is targeted to students of South Lakes H.S. Career and Technical Education program. Academics are considered, but the final winner is selected by a committee that also looks for community involvement and counselor recommendations.
The award allows students, who otherwise would be financially unable, to pursue technical education at a local community college. Half of the scholarship is disbursed in the first year, with the remaining funds contingent on satisfactory academic performance. 
The award was presented by Reston Rotary Youth Chair Joyce Johnson and Club President Sonia Castillo-Smith during the Club's lunch meeting on May 25, 2016. Loubna was accompanied by her mother Nada Alksebati and representatives from SLHS: 
Kim Retzer, Principal
Dana Weiss, School Counselor
Karen Burke, Career Resource Specialist